Freedom of choice

At Stories, we know what we can do for your home. But, you know what you want for yourself, or what you would like for your loved ones.

Impairment, deficiency, pathology, syndrome…

There is no one form of deficiency or impairments that is the same because it is unique to each person. We also have our own experiences, our own patterns, our own desires and they are like everyone else, unique.

Here it is important to point out that Stories cannot completely transform a house. We adapt it, we modernize it. If your hands are tied-up with crutches, we will use your feet to allow you to control the lighting.

Once again, the diagnostic phase is essential so that we can study together your living environment and the daily life you have inside your own space.

My son was born with Motor Cerebral Palsy. He is perfectly capable of living in his own apartment, but as a parent, it’s very hard to feel secure. What if he forgets something on the stove? Turn off the gas? What if he doesn’t pay attention to the water leak that’s been going on for months?

Most of us are concerned about our loved ones. For the risks of domestic incidents: we equip the home with water leakage sensors, gas leakage sensors with automatic gas cut-off, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. We even have an air quality sensor to advise you on the right time to ventilate. All this, without any work, for rented or purchased.

2 options are available: you decide to have a local information in the house from a sound signal and / or visual so that your child reacts himself. Or, it is possible to transmit the alert by message to you and / or your relatives. This will allow you to visit him or to tell him what to do.

My cousin has Down syndrome and we grew up together. We have always had a common fear of the dark when we wake up at night. I told her about my night lights that I put on at night but it annoys her to have constant lighting.

Our prevention service includes automatic lighting in the form of subdued lighting. Traffic areas are illuminated to allow people to move around or go to bed without turning on an “aggressive” light for the eyes or waking up their partner.

I had a stroke when I was 73, now I’m 75. I would be hard pressed to describe the consequences but I clearly don’t have the same control over my muscles. It has an impact on my daily stability and I pay even more attention to the angles I don’t want to hit.

According to the WHO, the after-effects of a cerebral vascular accident are the first cause of acquired disability. They are varied and variable over time.

Our services support the need to ensure the continuation of your daily life in an adapted environment. When there is a risk of falling because your body’s muscular control is less predictable, we take care of equipping your home to identify if there has been a fall and transmit the information to a loved one if you need help.

The key take-aways of our services

Your project first, then our diagnosis. The first step is to discuss together what can be done in your home as it is. Or perhaps in your future home. The diagnosis is done at home once you and your family are ready.

Tenant or owner, we adapt our services

Being a tenant opens up the opportunity for an upcoming move in the short to medium term. Our prevention and assistance solutions will move with you, in due course and if desired.

Being a homeowner implies that you will stay in the same home for the long term. Our prevention and assistance solutions will adapt to your life project and can even bring value to the property if you wish to sell your Stories installation in the property value.