Still together

There are many ways to age well together! Among them, Stories has thought of simple solutions with you, to allow you to support each other at home.

He helps me get up when I fall but he can’t hear well.

We equip rooms identified as difficult spaces for your stability to send a light signal to all the main spaces of the habitat. This visual signal lets your partner know that you could use a hand.

I have Parkinson’s, my partner supports me as much as possible but the tremors make many simple tasks difficult.

We offer to simplify certain interactions with your interior space. Such as pressing on the switches which can be difficult with tremors: we install them on the floor. The partner uses her / his hands and you can use your feet.

We have trouble hearing the doorbell.

In a few minutes we equip you with a doorbell that sends a light signal inside your home to let you know a guest has arrived. In a main space like the living room or any other space that you identify as the one in which you are most often.

I fell some time ago and since then I feel more comfortable limiting my trips. My partner goes out shopping and she calls me from time to time to make sure everything is okay.

Go out with peace of mind with Stories. We equip your home with automatic fall detectors. No need to wear a bracelet or a necklace, the fall is automatically identified, an alert information is sent to your loved one. No need for a smartphone with internet for this option!

We sleep in separate rooms but I am not reassured when he gets up at night in the dark.

Stories equips all your “traffic areas” with luminous, subdued lighting, just in time to guide your steps at night. It’s simple and effective.

Choose the right tools

Stories services always start with a diagnosis of your needs, your daily life and your home.

The prevention solutions are:

  • No work | no maintenance | no internet.

The “alert option” is part of our assistance solution, it requires a GSM connection which is provided and included in the service. We take care of everything.

You choose to complete your installation at any time. The most important thing is that you feel peace of mind in your home and that you feel supported in your lifestyle!

Aging well as a couple made simple

You are partners in life. Stories helps you take care of yourself with professional services and equipment that address specifics functions you need.

Do you have a good eyesight? We’ll use light signals.

Do you have a good hearing? We’ll use sound signals.