Family caretaker

Being a family caretaker involves two aspects. One aspect concerns you directly since you are the person who supports a loved one the best you can. The other concerns the person you support.

Providing you with new tools

The daily life of a caretaker is a well thought-through schedule to meet needs that may be different. Going to the doctor, for example, making meals, spending time together, going for a walk, etc. Stories services are there to give you additional, non-intrusive tools that will allow you to reassure yourself when you are not there.

We are a large family, it is clear that we take turns for our elders. We always take advantage of our visits to give little attentions, to do some shopping, to go out for a walk and to enjoy being together. We have a whatsapp group to share important information.

A large family is a great opportunity to pass the baton. At Stories, we provide you with a message information system to detect and identify risk of incidents or domestic injuries. What is practical is to have the same alert sent to several members of the family. The nearest member or the one most available at this time can intervene and keep the family updated in the whatsapp group.

My mother is 90 years old and I have been taking care of her for 10 years. Last week she forgot a meal in the oven and the neighbors had to call the fire fighters to intervene. I think she was tired from the summer heat and fell asleep with her hearing aids off.

The Stories prevention service equips the home to provide information inside the home to the person herself. Depending on the size of the home, we transmit the signal to several rooms. For good hearing it will be an audio signal and for good sight it will be a visual signal. Your loved one will be able to react by herself, if needed, even with a sensory deficiency.

My mom has Alzheimer / dementia.

In a context of cognitive deficiencies, especially if your loved one is elderly and you wish to avoid any home disturbance: we will send you the accident information by message. This will reassure you and allow you to come.

Nursing homes are not an option, but I’m afraid I have my limits in terms of support.

Only a health professional can recommend and guide you to the right solutions for your relatives general health.

Within the framework of home care, we offer services to adapt their living space. The 1st phase is the diagnosis. It will allow us to identify the real needs and to anticipate together the future needs. We study together the life and housing project.

I’m worried, my father doesn’t talk much about his health. I catch bits of conversation from time to time but the last time he fell in the kitchen at home, alone, and I got really scared.

A specific event is often the trigger. A fall is a sudden and unpredictable event. A decrease in hearing or vision is more gradual. The two can be linked, if you fall at night it is justified to ask “Is the space lit enough?” The main feature of Stories prevention solutions is among others, the automated light. Until proven otherwise, no one has built-in night vision. Equipping your home with an automatic and dimmed lighting system for the night is to take the lead in reassuring you.

It is a close one but not an ascendant. Anyways, someone I care about. And I feel she is alone, I try to see her as much as possible and make her laugh but it’s complicated when I’m away. We joke a lot because she hears only one word out of two… which can be very funny!

Let’s take simple functions: a decrease in hearing suggests a hearing aid but when you are at home you may want to take it off. If you take the doorbell, we allow you to convert the sound into a light signal. A light or several lights inside indicate the presence of a visitor. A simple and discreet function for the interior.

It is possible to extrapolate this method and apply it to everything that can be sound. Such as water leak detectors, carbon monoxide, gas and smoke.

He has Parkinson’s and I can see that he has moments when he doesn’t move. It took me a while to understand that he experiences “freezing” as the doctors say. The last time, I realized that his body is unstable, he fell before I arrived and he remained on the ground “frozen”. Impossible for him to call me, it’s okay that I was on my way.

There are products that we can wear on ourselves to send an alert in case of a fall. Bracelets, necklaces, with accelerometer systems for example: the speed that accelerates and then stops clear, pre-identifies the potential fall. This is an interesting alternative especially in case of risks outside the home.

With Stories, it is the living space that will pre-identify the fall. Even if the person is unconscious, in a state of “freezing”, or simply does not want to wear any devices.

Give yourself time

Let’s keep in mind that some situations can be disarming for all parties involved. When you realize that you have difficulty getting up from a chair because it is too soft, you will logically favor a stiffer chair that allows you to lean back better… As a loved one, from an outside perspective, you will feel that her favorite chair is being neglected. But it is simply a new reflex, conscious or not.

Stories accompanies you and your loved ones in a simple approach. Our purpose is to offer “tools” to support Stay-At-Home.

To accompany you and your loved ones well

To prevent is reassurance. Stories solutions allow you to anticipate potential weaknesses, you decide to complete your installation according to your evolution. As a family member, you can first learn about our services offers. Then, you will tell us the best time to introduce these alternative solutions in the homes of your relatives.

To assist is to put all the chances on one’s side to be there when needed and to reassure oneself when not needed. Our system of information by message transits by the GSM network. If your phone doesn’t have internet, this is not a problem. This also gives you the possibility to contact the person beforehand, if in the meantime everything is fine: you will know that the system works and that if you had to go to the place, it was possible. The important thing is to not remain with the anxiety of not knowing.