Temporary or long-term home care

For those under 18, the question may not arise, but as you get older, it does. The context is often the same: we take responsibility for our parents because they gave us everything, so of course we give back.

Owner, tenant, it doesn’t matter!

Whether you are a homeowner, a tenant, ready for a temporary or long-term stay: your interior can be easily adapted to support you in your role as host.

We are hosting my mother-in-law while we sell her house and buy an apartment closer to us.

Our first idea will be to offer you an automatic lighting system to illuminate a path by night. If you have young children, this will undoubtedly be “loving two birds with one heart”. We will establish together if a lighted signal device is relevant to equip your doorbell as well. An ideal alternative for the people with hearing impaired.

And much more. The diagnosis phase at home is made to allow us to define together what you need for your loved one, without work and for a temporary situation.

We are homeowners, the house is big enough to think about dedicating a space for my dad. And why not bring in home help services while we are at work.

Obviously, this is ideal if you have the space to undertake an individual space within your home. Stories offers you the possibility to send alerts by message, such as fall detections, to the home care service.

Because if you are not available, this “alert option” consists in sending the information to your your relative’s referring professional so that he can intervene to help him

My mom broke her femoral neck and clearly it’s easier for her to come to our place while she recovers. At least we will be together, it’s an opportunity to enjoy.

We equip certain places identified as “difficult” for the mobility of your loved one with “SOS” alert buttons. The advantage: whatever the room, a bathroom, a toilet, etc. You have a local information, using a flashing light and a sound signal. This allows you to transmit the information across the whole space.

I am a tenant, we share the planning with my brother to welcome our mother in turn.

Stories solutions adapt to your homes. What’s important to caretakers is to have the same equipment from one environment to another. Our mobile packs move with your loved one from your home to your brother’s home.

Our services that fit to all homes

Family situations and patterns are unique. It is possible with Stories:

  • Equip your home to accommodate the stay of a relative

  • Provide a mobile kit that will go from one home to another
  • Temporarily equip your home and modernize your loved one’s home for their return

The Stories diagnosis to guide you

When you start thinking about all of this, it is the right time to get in touch. Together we will study the short and long-term project in order to identify the most appropriate solutions for your family context and the needs of your loved one.

Our solutions can be:

  • Mobile

  • Temporary, permanent
  • With or without work
  • With or without alerts option sent to a third person