Staying at home is possible

The first step is to find out what options are available to you or a loved one.

Home care services, one of the keys to autonomy

Home care services are very popular. And rightly so. It is a great opportunity to be accompanied while remaining at home. From help with meals and cleaning to warm conversations, everything is designed to make us feel supported.

I don’t have any family close to me, my children come during the vacations. The service that intervenes in my home helps me with daily needs that have become difficult over time. I do not feel dependent but accompanied.

It is also a great opportunity to make new connections regardless of our age.

What happens when you stay home?

Imagine your living space, a “place of one’s own”. You know what is in each closet, you remember where you bought this or that decorative item. You have very ingrained habits. For example, while shopping you always target certain promotions to store them in a dry space.

You know why your bedroom, which is an intimate space, has these colors and bedding. Because that’s what you like. And why your living room has that library of books or vinyl records. Because it’s a friendly space, more social than your bedroom. So you’ve thought of it as a place to entertain your recreational activities, or welcome friends.

Home support, not just a matter of costs

My children regularly invite me to visit homes closer to the city center, or to the shops. But for the moment I can drive, and more importantly, I bought this house 20 years ago… I understand their point of view but it’s not “only” material for me.

There’s a lot of that in our house too. What we had to do to get to where we are today. When you’ve spent your life working to support your descendants, to give them momentum, and still have that perspective of “retirement”: it’s hard to imagine it happening anywhere else.

Sometimes a home is more than just material. It is also the symbol of the accomplishment of a lifetime of work. We can be proud of that. For this reason, Stories has adapted and made it its mission to make it more “long-term”, more “equipped” to support our autonomy where we wish to remain. To make it more valuable, just for us, the inhabitants.

Affordable, responsive and sustainable services.

Pool the resources you have: in the event of a fall, your home care service can be the one to receive the information, come and help. It could also be a neighbor or a friend.

Capitalize on your real estate: equipping your home with Stories solutions is the guarantee of enjoying it with more serenity in the long term.

Diagnose your needs: we accompany you in the study of your real needs and set up solutions which answer precise functions. Such as automatic night lighting to guide you at night, even in case of frequent power cuts.

Save for the long term: invest today to support your independence with easy monthly payments. It’s a way to make services affordable. You choose the duration over 1 or 2 years. As soon as it is paid: it is paid, there are no additional costs.

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