Independent or assisted toileting

The unique design of the shower stall was conceived to improve the quality of life for our increasingly elderly population. Old age inevitably brings some reduction in mobility. Our goal is to solve this problem by adding resources to the habitat to maintain the resident’s independence.

What users (elderly and people with reduced Mobility) appreciate the most

  • The simplicity of use, the autonomy and the intimacy found
  • The absence of a “ledge” to step over (found in most walk-in showers) since entry and exit are done while sitting on the rotating seat
  • The base to put the toiletries
  • The choice between the fixed and the mobile shower head
  • The support bars installed inside the shower
  • The exact temperature can be read in real time
  • The family model that allows you to take a shower together – Large model

What loving relatives/caregivers appreciate the most

  • Not having to enter the shower to set up their loved one
  • The ability to shower together
  • Half-open door to help without getting splashed and still the possibility to open it in full wide
  • The sleek, non-stigmatizing design

What the healthcare facilities and at-home care services appreciate the most

  • Reduction of heavy loads with the remote-controlled seat
  • Half-opening door to assist the user
  • The limitation of falls since the user can remain seated for the toilet
  • The thermostatic stop that limits the temperature (38°) to protect against burns
  • Pre-integrated anti-limestone system

What technicians appreciate the most

  • The flexibility of the installation during a bathroom adaptation. The shower solves the problem of the “overhang” due to the stacking of the shower tray on the existing drain, resulting in a step of 5 to 17cm for the user to climb over
  • The existence of models with or without a shower tray depending on the customer’s configuration

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